András Csányi sayusi.ando at
Mon Aug 8 08:50:55 BST 2011

Dear All,

This is my first letter here. I have been using KDE more-less 4 years
and I like it very much. Easy and good for me. :)
Now I have a question and the answer could be obvious.

I'm using KDE-4.7.0 - gentoo release with "~amd64" keywords.

I have to monitors and I set up the panel the right side of the left
monitor. Basically the panel is in the center of the whole screen. The
strange thing is that if I put an application on the left monitor full
screen the application goes under the panel. I've took a look the
panel settings and it set up "always visible". I remember there was an
option the application can go under the panel - I'm sorry I don't
remember the exact expression. This option is not set up. It looks
like the panel doesn't behave according to the setup.

Can you tell me how I'm able to reach that the applications don't go
under the panel? Is it possible?

Thanks in advance!


- -
--  Csanyi Andras (Sayusi Ando)  -- --
--  ""Trust in God and keep your gunpowder dry!" - Cromwell
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