KDE to save multiple monitors widgets

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Aug 3 04:09:43 BST 2011

João Neto posted on Tue, 02 Aug 2011 23:35:47 -0300 as excerpted:

> I'm work in two places, and i use my notebook with others monitors ( One
> FullHD and other HD ) and and every day I need to reconfigure my widgets
> to fit the monitor I'm using.
> As the FullHD display is larger, need to change the size and placement
> of widgets of the panels. On another monitor I also need to reconfigure
> everything to suit my needs.
> When I get home, I do not use another monitor, my screen is
> misconfigured and need to redo it again!
> KDE's activities do not solve this problem because I could not save the
> sessions of different monitors ....
> I think KDE could be smarter in these cases and can store settings for
> each display widgets!

That's actually something they have planned, precisely for the laptop 
with various resolution external monitors plugged in at various times, 

While unfortunately the current setup only has one save slot, so it 
doesn't work well under the conditions you describe, they've already 
actively discussed and have planned a setup with multiple independent 
display profiles.  When first introduced, they'll probably be selected 
manually, but the goal is eventually to automatically compare the 
detected details of plugged in monitors to the saved profiles, and 
(optionally) automatically switch to the appropriate one without further 
user intervention. =:^)

But before they did that, because they planned to use activities for the 
basis of their switched profiles, they needed some of the new activities 
infrastructure that was finally introduced with kde 4.7.  Now that it's 
there, creating multiple display profile slots and associating them with 
activities is the next step.  It /may/ make it for 4.8, tho I wouldn't 
really expect it yet for 4.8 myself.  More like 4.9, I'd guess, tho the 
feature may not be very mature when first introduced so it may not be 
particularly usable until 4.10 or so.  Since there's two feature cycles a 
year, that means the feature may be available at this time next year, but 
it may not be particularly usable until early 2013, 18 months from now.  
(And of course if you're waiting for distros to ship it, it'll be a few 
months after that, so perhaps two years from now, for many of them.)

That may seem like awhile to wait, but at least the feature is already 
planned, as I said, and perhaps they'll surprise me and have it for 4.8, 
early next year.

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