Nvidia drivers and kde4.6.0 release 6 + a note on email importing - it's ok now

John Woodhouse a_johnlonger at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 29 15:41:42 BST 2011

So sorry about the rich text email. That's the 1st time yahoo has defaulted to 
that for me. Better repeat the nvidia email as it's rather important to me. My 
account also seems to have got messed up a little from one of their upgrades. No 
doubt the name may correct itself eventually.


There is rather a lot in suse bugzilla about problems with KDE once an nvidia 
driver is installed.  Seems it was regarded as a killer for their release of 
4.6.0 in 11.4.  Ok this is opensuse but from what I have seen bugs just get 
passed on to KDE. Free testers us and free fixes or so it would seem.

No mention of problems with 64bit. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ON THIS POINT and 
where this aspect finished up.

I did see flakey performance while I had 32bit installed with the nvidia driver 
for my card. This was most noticeable in terms of missed mouse clicks. This was 
not down to acpi etc. Also slow responses to the mouse but think I have tracked 
that down now. The indexing utility for sure and cpu freq - fairly sure. 

Some details that may be of interest-.

I was running an older nvdia 7600 graphics card and it struggled with the 
desktop effects. The default os nv driver doesn't fully exploit this card. It 
isn't a 3d card either and clearly not in nouveau's list of supported cards.

About time I upgraded the card so fitted a 210 silent. On the nouveau driver 
it's ok but window movement was somewhat jerky to start off with but has settled 
down now. Auto timing changes? - KDE decided to disable effects on the 7600 
within an hour of me using it.

The glxgear performance with the correct nvidia driver for the 210 is about 4x 
faster than with nouveau. Full 1680x1060 res gives 200 frames per sec. The 
factor of 4 doesn't give a true impression really on nouveau it's slow and very 
jerky. On 32bit with the nvidia driver I also saw the slow desktop fade in. 
Currently with the nouveau driver and the 210 that doesn't happen but windows do 
go transparent. Out of interest noveau is giving 86fps at 1024x768 on 64bit, 
Going to 1680x1060 will slow that down rather a lot.

;) I sort of like the effects but to me they mean that os drivers are a no no if 
they are to be enjoyed. I can't even get the full res of my monitor with 
nouveau. Suppose I could play with X but more res really will slow it down even 

It's nice to see that 4.6.0 is relatively stable so far. Most of the problems I 
 have had can be directed at suse particularly on install and ipv6. ;) Mouse 
miles seem to have increased somewhat. I really wonder about where some things 
turn up in relation to the cursor. I have had a severe problem with Kpackager. 
Offered none existent suse upgrades according to yast. When I did accept them it 
bought my system down.

On a past post.
Mail now imports perfectly. All I have done is tar'd the old directory and then 
copied onto a usb disc. Previously I just copied the directories across to the 
usb disc. Back to home, untar and import. All works but wish it had imported as 
much as it could in respect to my accounts. This would save a lot of typing. I 
have seen note of early 64bit linux having file problems. I haven't noticed any 
but maybe this was the cause of my initial problem.

Opensuse 11.4 kde 4.6.0
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