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Tue Apr 26 14:44:42 BST 2011

Jerry posted on Tue, 26 Apr 2011 08:05:29 -0400 as excerpted:

> Platform Version 4.6.2 (4.6.2)
> FreeBSD-8.2 amd 64
> I recently updated Firefox to version 4 on my FreeBSD machine. Now,
> when I attempt to open an http link in Terminal 0.4.7, I receive this
> error message: Failed to Execute Default Web Brower -- Failed to execute
> child process "/usr/local/bin/firefox3" (No such file or directory).
> I have tried every place I can think of to change the setting to:
> "/usr/local/bin/firefox" without results. Where else is this specific
> setting held?

Terminal??  Are you sure that's a kde based app?  Konsole is the default 
kde terminal app, but it's version 2.6.2 shipped with kde 4.6.2, nothing 
remotely close to the 0.4.7 you mention.

FWIW, a package search for a package named "terminal" here on Gentoo, 
gives me two hits, the gnu-step based terminal, latest version listed as 
0.9.7, and the Xfce based terminal, version 0.4.7.  (Then there's also 
gnome-terminal, sdl-terminal, ANSITerminal, etc, but those aren't just 
plain terminal.)

Based on that, you're probably using the xfce terminal application, since 
the version numbers match up.

OK, so I have no idea what sort of configuration it uses, but if it 
happens to use the default KDE config (as konsole naturally does), that's 
set in kcontrol (wrongly aka systemsettings in kde4, wrongly, as for the 
most part they're user specific kde settings, NOT global system settings, 
so the kde3 kcontrol name is more accurate and I continue to use it).

kcontrol, workspace appearance and behavior, default applications applet, 
select web browser in the left-hand side of the applet, point it at the 
appropriate place on the right, and hit apply at the bottom.

If that doesn't help, either install konsole and use it instead, or ask on 
the xfce lists.  (I'm assuming they have lists.)

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