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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Tue Apr 26 14:25:47 BST 2011

gene heskett posted on Tue, 26 Apr 2011 06:37:04 -0400 as excerpted:

> On Tuesday, April 26, 2011 06:05:58 AM Duncan did opine:

>> For the GUI inclined, [konqueror as a fileman) was/is decent.
> I did get it set for 2 pane operation once, but I'll be damned if I was
> able to make it copy a file from the left pane to the right.  Whats a
> file manager that can't do that worth?  Zip.

The keyboard copying is setup to ask you where to put it, so that wouldn't 
have worked.  But drag-n-drop (after selecting via keyboard if desired) 
should have worked.  I think that's what they expect, altho working 
without a keyboard shortcut can definitely be frustrating to us 
traditionalists.  (Well, in a graphical client such as that, I don't 
necessarily have an issue with drag-n-drop, as long as I can ctrl/shft 
click for multi-select.  But when you want it and it's not there... OUCH!)

>> > OTOH,
>> > features are disappearing from mc at a rate that will have it back to
>> > failing kindergarten questions in another 2 or 3 years.  Yes, I miss
>> > the glory days when mc could literally do it all.
>> ??
>> I'm a /regular/ mc user, and while I've seen some changes, the only
>> /feature/ I know that has disappeared, last I checked, and I expect
>> that was by accident, was sparse-file copying.

> Humm, I'll have to see about that.  With large drives I had not noticed
> the diff.

I noticed it immediately, because I was doing whole-partition copy-
backups, to identically sized partitions, then running df to check that 
the space usage was comparable.  Normally under those circumstances, usage 
will be either identical, or a bit less, due to inode churn on the working 
version while the brand new mkfsed one will have ONLY the inodes and 
directory tables necessary for the data just copied to it, as there's been 
no deletions yet.

So when it the copy was suddenly not just a bit, but rather noticeably 
larger, it set off all sorts of alarms in my head, until I figured out 
what happened.  Actually, while I had read about sparse files, that was my 
first real experience with what I knew to be sparse files as I'd simply 
not had reason to notice it before, and I was really quite surprised at 
how much of a difference it ended up making.  (Note that this was on 
reiserfs with tail-packing on, so normal files were exactly the size of 
the data and sparse files were obviously smaller, no block-slack to worry 
about at the end of files, or to mask the real size of sparse files.)

> I did find one gotcha recently, if copying a whole directory,
> the auto-appended / on the targets filename will copy the dir to a
> subdir/subdir, so you have to hand edit the target string & get rid of
> he last /.

What version are you running?  I recall some issues with that sort of 
thing as the new guy tried to fill corner-case wish-list bugs and the like 
(I actually traced one down as I was preparing to file a bug, and checked 
to see if there was anything related), but he ended up reverting that wish-
list feature because it interfered with the way mc had always worked in 
other areas.  However, there were several versions with variations on the 
same theme as he tried tweaking things this way and that to try and make 
it work, before he finally simply reverted.

That was the one I actually traced the development and fix of, but there 
have been several similar behavior bugs.  However, as far as I've seen, 
copying seems to work properly again now, with (and probably since since I've seen a couple updates recently).

Oh, one that DOES still bug me is the auto-fill for mkdir (F7).  The auto-
completion behavior is flat imbecilic, as it takes whatever filename 
you're on and tries to use that as the mkdir suggestion, INCLUDING THE .. 
ENTRY IF YOU'RE ON IT!!  Yeah, like making a directory named .. is going 
to work really well!!  DUH!!  But more to the point, using what's under 
the pointer as auto-fill for the new directory name is stupid regardless, 
since were it to actually happen, being an operation in the same 
directory, it'd replace whatever's selected with a new dir by the same 

But given my experience with the other one, I expect if I go look up the 
bug, that's actually useful in some corner-case that was filed as a 
wishlist item.  It'll probably get fixed... eventually.  But it's sure 
frustrating in the mean time!

>> Oh, and I've had some problems with hotkeys not working in konsole, but
>> that's because konsole's keybindings have undergone some major changes
>> recently.  I admit I don't like them as stuff that used to "just work"
>> doesn't now, but I suspect that'll get worked out in the end, as mc is
>> still detecting konsole and expecting the old keybindings, some of
>> which have changed.  Once they get in sync once again, I expect it'll
>> all work.

> The keybindings are major to me.  It hasn't show me a gfx image in a
> year, which was handier than a button on the outhouse door when
> verifying that I was about to attach an image to an email, forcing me to
> use gimp for that.

That's probably an extension file change.  You can edit the extension file 
and put whatever you want to open image files in that entry.

And yes, I know editing it works, as I've changed it to use gwenview for 
image display. =:^)

> I haven't tried recently, does its ftp client still
> work from its own command line?  New brooms tend to nuke that which they
> no not about.

It has every time I've tried it, tho I don't use that feature as much as I 
imagine some do.  But I definitely do use it, and it has always worked 
when I do.

> Krusader, the last time I looked, was "all hat & no cattle".

I imagine some day I'll have to install it, if for no other reason than to 
be able to say I've tried it.  But that description sounds like something 
I might be able to use myself, in any case. Thanks for that at least! =:^)

> Digikam is another that has been forced on me by a ptp camera.  Its
> picture database ability, and its ability to find and reuse one you
> finally convinced it to generate, sucks dead toads through soda straws.
> Why not a std menu that simply lets you navigate to where you want to
> store the pix? No way in hell can you find that.


You might try the "kamera" application.  AFAIK, it's simpler.  I have a 
webcam on my netbook and tried installing kamera to use it.  But 
apparently, despite the name, webcams aren't considered actual cameras!  
The only ones handled, it seems, are cameras with actual onboard storage.  
I wanted a viewer and snapshot app but kamera obviously isn't going to cut 

I did find a couple apps for it, but a number of the others have broken 
builds with kernel 2.6.38+ because they depend on a video4linux-1 kernel 
header that's no longer there as v4l-1 has been deprecated for quite some 
time and was finally removed with 2.6.38.  It has been deprecated for 
years, why are they trying to still use the header?  But they are, and the 
build is broken as a result.  Gentoo should have patches for them (or 
perhaps will mask and remove them from the tree if upstream is dead) in a 
couple months, when they stabilize the 2.6.38 kernel, but meanwhile... the 
webcam was one thing I hadn't tried yet on the netbook until recently, and 
now several of the apps I'd ordinarily be able to build and try for it 
have broken builds! =:^(

Anyway, kamera didn't work for me, but perhaps it'll work for you.  I know 
it supports ptp cameras as I found that out trying to figure out what to 
use for UVC (USB Video Class) webcams, only to eventually figure out the 
weren't supported, despite being a reasonably generic standard, apparently 
because as I said, it doesn't consider cameras without dedicated onboard 
storage actual cameras!

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