Possible bug in kwin or ??

Ingo Malchow imalchow at kde.org
Mon Apr 25 15:47:35 BST 2011

2011/4/25 gene heskett <gheskett at wdtv.com>:
> On Monday, April 25, 2011 06:33:28 AM Duncan did opine:
>> gene heskett posted on Sun, 24 Apr 2011 08:10:46 -0400 as excerpted:
>> > Please see this bug report:
>> >  <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35452>
>> >
>> > It turns out that the radeon driver is not the only victim, the nvidia
>> > driver suffers also, and there may be others.
>> >
>> > Symptoms with the nvidia blob are that black areas of the screen are
>> > contaminated from playing a news story.
>> >
>> > Black areas [...] such as the html status bar of kmail, or the black
>> > patterns of the card faces in kpatience are also rendered rather
>> > yucky.
>> >
>> > We can fix it with:
>> >
>> > Section Device
>> >
>> >     Option "NoFlip"  "True"
>> >
>> > in the xorg.conf file.
>> >
>> > There is a patch linked to in this bug-report, which also fixes it,
>> > but its an unruly hack according to the X folks.
>> >
>> > Can this be investigated please?  It seems to have become a problem of
>> > a far greater frequency of occurrence somewhere around 4.6.2, and has
>> > forced me to reboot to clean it up several times over the recent
>> > week.
>> FWIW, the kwin devs aren't likely to see it here, and many devs prefer a
>> filed bug even if they do read a list, as it's designed for tracking
>> such things thru final release of the fixed code, while a list isn't.
>> Meanwhile, does turning off kwin compositing/effects get rid of the
>> problem?  If not, it's very unlikely to be kwin related at all.  If that
>> does workaround the problem, it's still unlikely to be a kwin bug, but
>> may be kwin related in that kwin is sometimes the first widely used
>> Linux software to make use of some OpenGL functionality.  Tho even
>> then, kwin won't use the functionality unless the driver CLAIMS to
>> support it.
>> I could write more on that topic but won't, here, as it's unclear
>> whether suspending kwin's OpenGL functions (suspend
>> compositing/effects) eliminates the effects of the bug, or not.  And if
>> it doesn't, as sounds likely, there's little point in discussing it
>> further as it's quite unlikely to be a kwin bug, at least one related
>> to OpenGL.
>> Never-the-less, you could try a different window-manager, compiz for 3D
>> perhaps, or a 2D-only manager, and see if the problem persists.  If it
>> does, it's quite clearly not a kwin issue.  (After installation, the
>> window manager docs and/or commandline help output should say how to run
>> it to replace an existing window manager.  With kwin, for instance,
>> kwin --help, run in konsole to see the output, says kwin --replace can
>> be used to replace the existing window manager.)
> This reply will detail why your bug tracker leaves a very bad taste in my
> mouth.  If it offends someone to the extent that the bug handling gets
> fixed, that's nice, but this is NOT the first time I have ranted about
> kde's broken bug system.  So with that in mind, RANT MODE ON:
> While that seems a reasonable request, AIR the passwd db for access to this
> bug manager seems to be cleaned at 90 day or so intervals.  I have signed
> up, but my passwd written on the wall doesn't work the next time, and  when
> I try to rejoin, it refuses to process the request claiming I am already a
> member.  However, requesting a passwd reminder never results in the
> reception of such a message by me, effectively locking me out of the
> process, so the bug never gets filed. I have even sent msgs to
> admin at kde.org, but that seems to be a black hole.

Not sure where you got that address from, but it is actually
sysadmin at kde.org , which is also stated at the bottom of bugs.kde.org.
And like Duncan already stated nicely, yes, logins are handled via
cookies, and if you did mark the "restrict this session to this IP"
the chance is high you will loose your session even faster.
Anyway, to make it short, KDE's bug system is indeed suboptimal and it
is not the first time someone complains about it. But then be reminded
it is an upstream project (http://www.bugzilla.org/). And it was
already discussed more than once to replace or improve it. Like
always, manpower needed. Stating it is intended to not have bugreports
is wrong in any way.
About Devs, consider 50 mailinglists or more, where you should read
something, with maybe 10 new mails a day (a rather positive
estimation). Would you really read all of them, and that in your spare
time? Luckily KDE has a bunch of great folks out there trying to help
with user questions while not involved in the dev process at all (like
Now, telling you this might not be the best place for something like
this is no offense at all, it is a helping hand trying to guide you to
a place it might better fit. If you have a problem with this other
place, it is indeed a problem and can also be asked (see above for
correct address).

> After a while I lose patience with a method that seems purposely designed
> to prevent/discourage the filing of bugs and just say screw it, its a kde
> problem and ATM I have a working, somewhat more cpu intensive fix in
> disabling PageFlipping, which I thought I would publicize via this list and
> possibly getting someones attention.  If the devs are truly interested in
> bug reports, they will filter these lists for them.  The evidence however,
> based on my experience so far, says they aren't generally interested.
> ATM I don't even know the URL.  Since I changed ISP's about a year ago,
> maybe it doesn't know me and I could join long enough to get the bug filed.
> /Current/ URL please?
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> Cheers, Gene
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