Possible bug in kwin or ??

gene heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Sun Apr 24 13:10:46 BST 2011


Please see this bug report:


It turns out that the radeon driver is not the only victim, the nvidia 
driver suffers also, and there may be others.

Symptoms with the nvidia blob are that black areas of the screen are 
contaminated from playing a news story.  The contamination is stationary, 
disappears when the terminal window is moved so the screens background 
image covers the area, but come back when the terminal windows black 
background again covers the area.  Here, it seemed to bother the bottom 
half of a 1680x1050 screen.  Black areas in other apps, such as the html 
status bar of kmail, or the black patterns of the card faces in kpatience 
are also rendered rather yucky.

We can fix it with:

Section Device
	Option "NoFlip"  "True"
in the xorg.conf file.

There is a patch linked to in this bug-report, which also fixes it, but its 
an unruly hack according to the X folks.

Can this be investigated please?  It seems to have become a problem of a 
far greater frequency of occurrence somewhere around 4.6.2, and has forced 
me to reboot to clean it up several times over the recent week.


Cheers, Gene
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