is there a way to assign apps. to certain activities

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Sat Apr 23 11:59:01 BST 2011

Alex Schuster posted on Sat, 23 Apr 2011 12:09:18 +0200 as excerpted:

> phanisvara das writes:
>> i'm wondering if there's a way, perhaps via qdbus commands, to assign
>> certain applications to a particular activity, or all activities, when
>> they start up? even in KDE 4.7 i couldn't find a way to do that,
>> neither via GUI nor .rc files...
> In KDE 4.6.2, the 2nd entry 'Actvities' in the window menu (the one left
> in the title bar) does allow this. Similar to the first entry, where you
> can set on which desktops the application should show up.
> Do you have this menu entry? Some days ago I was also looking for this,
> and did not find it. I wonder how I could overlook this, but maybe it
> was not there at this moment? My KDE was acting somewhat weird then,
> konqueror was suddenly closing all tabs without the usual confirmation
> dialog, konqueror was hanging when opening the settings dialog,
> kontact's save file dialog sometimes also was hanging and I had to kill
> it. All these problems went away when I logged out and in again.

Thanks for pointing that out.  I wasn't aware of it either.

FWIW, it appears the presence of the activities submenu on the window menu 
is dynamic.  If there's only a single configured activity, the activities 
submenu isn't shown.  If there's more than one activity, such that having 
the submenu makes sense, it shows up.  As I only have a single activity 
normally, it wasn't showing up here, but once you mentioned it, I realized 
immediately that it must be disabled with only a single activity and tried 
enabling a second to test my theory, which proved correct -- the activity 
submenu showed up in the window menu, then -- and disappeared as soon as I 
killed the second activity again, thus making the submenu useless and 
demonstrating that the hiding/unhiding worked both ways.

The problem with that is that is the inconsistency and lack of 
discoverability...  Personally, I'd prefer a permanent activities submenu, 
simply disabling it (but still showing it) if there's only a single 
activity.  That makes the interface both more consistent and more 
discoverable.  But perhaps that's just me...

Meanwhile, I NOT have the different activity (widgets) per desktop option 
(found in kcontrol, workspace appearance and behavior, workspace behavior, 
virtual desktops) active (and I've no desire to test it either, last time 
I got to adventurous testing different plasma options I got hit with 
cascading bugs... an experience I'd rather not trigger again when I'm 
happy with the current already customized setup), so I'm not sure how it 
interacts with the above, but with the two concepts linked, it seems that 
again, there'd be little use for both submenus as sending an app to a 
different desktop would be the same thing as sending it to that desktop's 
activity.  If that's true, then the activities submenu may be hidden if 
that's enabled, as well, since one can simply use the desktops submenu to 
the same effect.

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