Question for the old hands, about disks

gene heskett gheskett at
Wed Apr 13 16:42:46 BST 2011


As I have gone about preparing /dev/sdb to move the install to it, I have 
had several instances where the machine was frozen, usually for about 70 
seconds at a time.  Dmesg is reporting that ata2 is being reset, quite a 
few times.

This drive might be one of those that needed a firmware update but I've 
lost that particular cd.

Speedwise, an hdparm -tT shows it to be less than half as fast as the other 
three drives average.

So I think my preps for the move are doomed to failure until that drive is 
either updated, or warrantied.

I'll go tour the seacrate site & see what I can find.

Cheers, Gene
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