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gene heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Sun Apr 10 15:03:32 BST 2011

On Sunday, April 10, 2011 08:45:58 AM Duncan did opine:

> gene heskett posted on Sun, 10 Apr 2011 01:56:17 -0400 as excerpted:
> >> If you've enough technical reasoning ability and *LOTS* of patience
> >> and time, it's possible to hand-correct that file I mentioned.
> > 
> > Having carved lots of code, but on simpler systems, that is the
> > difference..  I have no clue what the rules are for whatever language
> > this stuff is written in.  I am moderately conversant in bash, C, and
> > assembly for 1802/Z80/6x09 cpu's plus Basic09.  No c++, pascal, only a
> > taste of lisp, and of course ARexx, even selling some of that in the
> > amiga days.
> If you're seeing actual code in that file (plasma-desktop-appletsrc),
> you're either looking at the wrong one, or it's /seriously/ corrupted!

No, what I saw was the [] sections, multiplied several to the line in some 
cases, with name=whatever's following.
> The file should be as I described it earlier, more or less standard
> ini-file format, key=value pairs grouped into sections headed with
> [section-names], blank lines between sections.  Except that the sections
> here have a complex relationship to each other.
> For instance, after some AppletGlobals sections, I have the following
> (if you have autowrap on for reading unwrapped posts, turn it off for
> this):
> [Containments][120]
> ActionPluginSource=Global
> activity=1
> ... some other such lines...
> wallpaperpluginmode=SingleImage
> zvalue=0
> [Containments][120][ActionPlugins]
> LeftButton;ControlModifier=applauncher
> MidButton;NoModifier=switchwindow
> RightButton;NoModifier=contextmenu
> wheel:Vertical;NoModifier=switchdesktop
> [Containments][120][ActionPlugins][RightButton;NoModifier]
> _add panel=true
> _context=true
> ...etc...
> Later in the file:
> [Containments][120][Applets][171]
> geometry=2,0,512,483
> immutability=2
> plugin=comic
> zvalue=3348
> [Containments][120][Applets][171][Configuration]
> Share=false
> arrowsOnHover=true
> ...etc...
> Still later:
> [Containments][2]
> ActionPluginsSource=Global
> activity=1
> activityId=64bdc67e-a9ba-4000-9c8e-6b86ab930729
> ...more lines...
> wallpaperpluginmode=SingleImage
> zvalue=0
> [Containments][2][ActionPlugins]
> LeftButton;ControlModifier=applauncher
> MidButton;NoModifier=switchwindow
> RightButton;NoModifier=contextmenu
> wheel:Vertical;NoModifier=switchdesktop
> [Containments][2][ActionPlugins][MidButton;NoModifier]
> mode=1
> So in ordered to make sense of it, you first have to know that each
> activity or panel will be a containment, then realize that all the same
> containment number sections are related, then read enough of the
> settings to figure out which panel or activity it actually is and
> whether it's garbage or something you want to keep (keeping in mind
> there might be others that look similar but don't have all the same
> applets attached, which means figuring out the applet config), then
> either delete everything with that containment number or keeping it. 
> Then if you keep it you dive into the individual applets it contains
> and decide whether they are junk or the ones you want to keep... which
> means figuring out which applet numbers apply to which applets by
> correlating the config data with the applet like you did for the
> container...
> Thru possibly a dozen applets or more, each with multiple sections, in
> each of the containers, with some applets orphaned (no valid container),
> and some multiplied several times where there should be only one, due to
> the screwed config...
> My correct config has 99 sections.  The bad one must have had 150 or
> more, with more bad sections being added every time I restarted
> plasma-desktop or tried to fix it via GUI.  Tho a simpler "good" config
> may have only perhaps 20 sections or so...
> The problem is that if you delete the wrong thing, you could trigger
> even more duplicating...
> Luckily, at least here, it was all invalid section deletions.  I didn't
> have to figure out individual invalid lines, or what would make them
> valid.  If it had gotten to that point I probably would have given up.

See my plasma-desktop-appletsrc at: 
as it exists this morning.  And I had to restart httpd just now, no idea 
what killed it.  You can back out to just the 'gene' and see what keeps me 
out of the bars _most_ of the time. ;-)  I need to redo the front page pix 
though, I was in the process of doing something about my weight, about 200 
lbs there in 2004, from a high of about 215 10 years ago to 165 now.  The 
beard is a little shorter now as the weather is warming, and the hair is 
shoulder length today.  And a few more dings on my face from the 
dermatologists scalpel.  I should wear more sunscreen, but I have enough 
allergies as it is.  Mrs #3, 21 years and counting.  A Good girl.  The pix 
are generally dual linked by jigl.pl, so if you click on a thumb, you get a 
slide, click on the slide and get the camera output.

I might have a question about what I can start in one of these [] sections.  
I have several background, non gfx apps that I have to start by hand after 
a reboot because putting them in rc.local is too early.  X (kde) seriously 
needs its own version of rc.local that is user specific.  Maybe it does, 
but I haven't found it.  My own version of ~/gene/etc if you will.  One in 
particular needs to be run as soon as kmail has done its initial check-mail 
scan and is settling down to rebuilding the indices.

And I just had to kill yet another copy of knotify4, hung at 95% of a core, 
bouncing from core to core.  When I went to bed it was about 20 down in an 
htop display, using no cpu.  And it has now been restarted, by kdeinit I 
assume, running normally again.

Thanks Duncan.

Cheers, Gene
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