4.6.2 early report

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sun Apr 10 10:02:32 BST 2011

gene heskett posted on Sun, 10 Apr 2011 01:56:17 -0400 as excerpted:

>> If you've enough technical reasoning ability and *LOTS* of patience and
>> time, it's possible to hand-correct that file I mentioned.
> Having carved lots of code, but on simpler systems, that is the
> difference..  I have no clue what the rules are for whatever language
> this stuff is written in.  I am moderately conversant in bash, C, and
> assembly for 1802/Z80/6x09 cpu's plus Basic09.  No c++, pascal, only a
> taste of lisp, and of course ARexx, even selling some of that in the
> amiga days.

If you're seeing actual code in that file (plasma-desktop-appletsrc), 
you're either looking at the wrong one, or it's /seriously/ corrupted!

The file should be as I described it earlier, more or less standard
ini-file format, key=value pairs grouped into sections headed with 
[section-names], blank lines between sections.  Except that the sections 
here have a complex relationship to each other.

For instance, after some AppletGlobals sections, I have the following (if 
you have autowrap on for reading unwrapped posts, turn it off for this):

... some other such lines...


_add panel=true

Later in the file:



Still later:

...more lines...



So in ordered to make sense of it, you first have to know that each 
activity or panel will be a containment, then realize that all the same 
containment number sections are related, then read enough of the settings 
to figure out which panel or activity it actually is and whether it's 
garbage or something you want to keep (keeping in mind there might be 
others that look similar but don't have all the same applets attached, 
which means figuring out the applet config), then either delete everything 
with that containment number or keeping it.  Then if you keep it you dive 
into the individual applets it contains and decide whether they are junk 
or the ones you want to keep... which means figuring out which applet 
numbers apply to which applets by correlating the config data with the 
applet like you did for the container...

Thru possibly a dozen applets or more, each with multiple sections, in 
each of the containers, with some applets orphaned (no valid container), 
and some multiplied several times where there should be only one, due to 
the screwed config...

My correct config has 99 sections.  The bad one must have had 150 or more, 
with more bad sections being added every time I restarted plasma-desktop 
or tried to fix it via GUI.  Tho a simpler "good" config may have only 
perhaps 20 sections or so...

The problem is that if you delete the wrong thing, you could trigger even 
more duplicating...

Luckily, at least here, it was all invalid section deletions.  I didn't 
have to figure out individual invalid lines, or what would make them 
valid.  If it had gotten to that point I probably would have given up.

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