4.6.2 early report

gene heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Fri Apr 8 04:50:06 BST 2011

On Thursday, April 07, 2011 11:32:06 PM phanisvara das did opine:

> On Thu, 07 Apr 2011 20:09:11 +0530, gene heskett <gheskett at wdtv.com> 
> > What is this zypper ve you speak of?  This is pclos, 32 bit on a 64
> > bit phenom quad, pkg manager is synaptic adapted to rpms.
> oops, sorry. i'm reading various mailing lists & forums together via
> NNTP, and wrongly assumed you were using openSUSE. i have no idea how
> to check the integrity of your installed packages, which "zypper ve"
> does in openSUSE. i meant to say that perhaps you have packages from
> incompatible releases on your system, which might lead to the symptoms
> you were describing.

Well, based on a nothing to lose theme, I nuked the whole ~/.kde4 tree, 
logged out and back in.  But I still had 10 workspaces when I logged back 
in, which is puzzle #1.  It should have defaulted to 4 I believe.

Puzzle #2 then was solved by amanda, restoring the .kde4/share/config files 
for the most used stuff, so kmail seems fully recovered for the most part.

I now have a cashew on all screens, but all are running the same background 
pix slideshow of my choice once that was reset, but I haven't found where 
to set that individually again.  Hints welcomed.

But, the windows top, blue bar is still blank, and full width right clicks 
to the move to a different workspace menu.  However, I did just note that 
this menu does _now_ include a "close" action item, which was not there 

So maybe I can get it back to where I wanted it.  But it sure doesn't fit 
the linux way if the only way to fix it is to nuke the whole .kde4 tree and 
start over.  That has about a 10-33 torr vacuum suckage to it.

I have looked at the tut links bandied about here, but most of them are 
both dated, and written by a frustrated user who like me, was simply 
pokeing at it to see what twitched, not from any real first hand knowledge 
of how this code was written to work.

Thanks for reading this far.

Cheers, Gene
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