Minimized apps dissapear - more info at end of post

Bob Stia rnr at
Wed Nov 10 04:50:19 GMT 2010

On Monday 08 November 2010 03:55:26 Duncan wrote:
> Bob Stia posted on Sun, 07 Nov 2010 21:45:32 -0500 as excerpted:
> > more info - I find that the other user of this machine,my wife, has the
> > exact same problem. Applications dissapearing when minimized. With that
> > in mind
> > it is unlikely that the problem lies in my personal settings. My wife,
> > the other user never configures anything. Uses KDE just as it was
> > installed. Not very imaginative but she says she can't be bothered)
> >
> > Root does not have that problem and I created a new user also. The apps
> > minimize to the task bar properly for both of them.
> Well, if a new user doesn't have the problem, but an existing user that
> never changes the default config does, then it's likely in the user
> settings as they were migrated from an earlier version -- so existing
> users have the problem but new users don't.
OK Duncan.

Let's take this one step further. Isn't it logical that whatever happened
was common to the two existing users? That are supposed to be separate and 
individual? One that effects a customized KDE for one user and another for 
settings that are all completely default. How can using the step by step 
procedure (kindly provided by you) in only one user's home reveal the problem 
in the other's home unless they are duplicated problems. But what caused them 
to be duplicate problems.There must be some common denominator that effects 
both users personal settings which are "outside" the individual personal 

OK. I understand that once the problemis revealed in one user's personal 
settings it is easy enough to edit the other user's settings. And, please 
don't get me wrong here. I appreciate your help and will follow the 
instructions if no other logical reason surfaces as soon as I have a few 
hours and the oatience to follow through

.>  Once you know that, you can use the standard bisect method to find the 
> problem.
< snipped the rest of Duncan's explicit step by step procedure for brevity's 
sake. I already have a hard copy>

Bob S
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