Defaults for the KDE 4.4 printer dialog

Tassilo Horn tassilo at
Tue Mar 30 19:38:44 BST 2010

On Tuesday 30 March 2010 20:11:16 Anne Wilson wrote:

Hi Anne,

> > I tried the [set as default] button in the printer listing.  Or is
> > there another default setting, which tells my locally running cupsd
> > to use some remote printer as default without trying to do any
> > modifications on the remote side?
> In theory you could, but you will probably need to get from the
> university sysadmins the connection method required.  While you are
> connected try localhost:631 and give your root password.  Check "Show
> printers shared by other systems" and try "Find Printers".  If it can
> find the printer you probably will have to tell it the protocol and
> port information, which the sysadmin gave you.

Do I understand correctly that you are suggesting adding that printer
locally (to my cups), and then I can set it as default?

Most probably, that would work, but then I'd work around the benefits of
the automatic service discovery.  I think, I'll simply wait a bit till
the Qt printer dialog is back on par with the old one, now that I know
somebody is already working on that. :-)

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