Defaults for the KDE 4.4 printer dialog

Tassilo Horn tassilo at
Mon Mar 29 08:21:53 BST 2010

Hi all,

is it possible to set default values for the KDE 4.4.1 printer dialog?

Here at work, I always use the same printer.  Unfortunately, by default
the first printer in the list of ~100 printers sorted by name in
selected.  So when I want to print something, I always have to choose
"my" printer first, and additionally I need to enable duplex printing
each and every time.

I'm pretty sure that in KDE 3 I was able to save my settings as default.

And another usability regression compared to KDE 3 is that I cannot
specify multiple page ranges.

KDE 3:

  1. Print... (using my defaults)
  2. Range: "44-63,75-81,90-100"
  3. Print

KDE 4:

  for r in "44-63" "75-81" "90-100"; do
    1. Print...
    2. Select my printer
    3. Options > enable duplex printing
    4. Set page range r
    5. Print

Concerning the latter problem, there's a wishlist item in the bugtracker

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