Kate tutorials some where?

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 27 21:05:51 GMT 2010

On 03/27/10 03:33, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Saturday 27 March 2010 05:55:58 genericmaillists at gmail.com wrote:
>> I looked on http://userbase.kde.org/Kate
>> http://docs.kde.org/development/en/kdesdk/kate/kate-part-find-replace.html
>> Kate Version 3.3.4 Using KDE 4.3.4 (KDE 4.3.4)
>> I am looking for tutorials on KATE.
>> I can't find info that explains what the escape sequences option
>> is and how the escape sequences option works.
>> I am trying to find how to change case on captured text strings. I
>> am also hoping to find a simpler/cleaner/easier way to strip spaces
>> out of a string of text. It very easy to get rid of spaces at the
>> beginning and end. I can get it done in the middle but its not
>> pretty.
> I'm afraid that no-one has volunteered to write such pages for
> UserBase yet. If you find your information, please either add it
> yourself to UserBase, or make the information available so that
> someone else can.  Thanks

Don't you think that this is going about it backwards -- asking the
person that needs help to provide it?  We need people that already have
the expertise to either write tutorials or to collaborate with a
'ghostwriter' to do it.

Someone asked on KDE-Devel for help with KAuth and a developer suggested
to him:

> Feel free (you or some good volunteer) to add a page to
> {Tech,User}Base: there are plently of useful info around b.k.o and my
> blog, more than in this thread.

It just doesn't make sense.  Are users are supposed to ferret out the 
information and write the documentation when the developers have this 
information and appear to be keeping it secret?  Perhaps his blog has 
some useful information, but the KDE Bugzilla is not a place to provide 
assistance or to look for documentation.

James Tyrer

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