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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Mar 24 20:17:33 GMT 2010

Tassilo Horn posted on Wed, 24 Mar 2010 20:40:42 +0100 as excerpted:

>> Currently Akonadi is only used by KAddressBook.
> Is that true.  At least my KOrganizer calendar says it's an akonadi
> resource, too.

I'm not sure on korganizer as I don't use it and in fact don't believe I 
have it installed.  But from what I've read, with kde 4.4, it's an 
/optional/ resource manager for several components, and korganizer may be 
one of them.

But with 4.5, kmail is scheduled to switch to akonadi use as well.  That's 
going to bring akonadi square into kde mainline use, and it's likely to be 
(non-optionally) used by more and more components with 4.5 and beyond.

FWIW, there's a LOT of folks who disagree with the use of akonadi and its 
database backend for something as critical as mail.  There's a huge risk 
of kde/kmail developing the reputation of eating people's mail for lunch, 
if this isn't handled well -- and arguably even if it is.  There's a 
reason kde continues to rely on text based config files, even if human-
opaque binary formats such as the MS Windows registry are more efficient.  

FWIW, that's at least one of the tasks kded is responsible for, keeping 
the text based config files in sync with the binary "ksycoca" (kde system 
config cache).  Many a sysadmin has had to become familiar with the 
kbuildsycoca/kbuildsycoca4 command to rebuild their broken kde, over the 
years, but the existence of that binary ksycoca cache does keep kde 
responsiveness up to par, while the continued existence of the text based 
config files do help to keep kde humanly configurable, should things go 

I don't know whether kmail's going to do something similar, keep its 
maildir and mbox mail files and only use akonadi as a binary based data 
cache, or if it's killing the mbox and maildir formatted messages entirely 
for "internal" use, but I do hope it's the former, as I'm certainly not 
alone in fearing for the stability and ultimate manual editability of my 
mail store, should it be necessary, if they're switching entirely to 
binary database, not just using it as a binary data cache.

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