Disabling KDE dialogs for Qt applications

Jeremy Sanders jeremy at jeremysanders.net
Tue Mar 23 10:24:52 GMT 2010

Hi - Seriously, is there any way to disable the KDE dialogs the appear to 
replace the standard Qt dialogs when running Qt-only apps under KDE 4.4+?

I've filed a bug here about the file dialog 
but it has gone into a vacuum.

Now I've discovered that the KDE replacement colour selection dialog box 
doesn't support setting alpha channel values, which my program needs. Argh!

It would be fine if these dialogs worked just like the Qt dialogs, but they 
don't. The implementation is pretty flawed.

Is there any way I can tell KDE not to do this dialog replacement? It 
presents serious usability problems for my applications under KDE which I 
can't fix unless I rewrite the dialogs completely.



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