Nepomuk store size steadily increasing

Tassilo Horn tassilo at
Wed Mar 24 08:07:16 GMT 2010

Hi all,

is it normal that the Nepomuk store size (right click on the Search
Service icon > Configure File Indexer) seems to increase without limits
and to me it looks like it's increasing its pace.

On my system, there are currently 29,187 files in the index, and this
number is pretty constant.  After I've started to use KDE (4.4) about
1.5 month ago and the initial file indexing was done, the store size was
about 0.6 GiB.  Till now, that has tripled to 1.8 GiB.

How can that be?

Most of the files in the index are frequently changing source code files
in various repositories.  Maybe Nepomuk keeps a history for each file?
Well, for files in a VCS, that would by quite awkward...

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