[SOLVED] Re: Cover switch does not work

Dennis Neumeier dennismail at gmx.net
Tue Mar 23 13:30:44 GMT 2010

> I am not sure what you mean.  Can you please exactly tell me which option
> in which window you are refering to? It's okay if you only know the
> english word, I have an account with english desktop settings :)

Oh.. I found it: On the "General" Tab of the settings, you have to activate 
"Cover Switch" for "Effect for window switching". Then it works.

But obviously, this is not visible at the first glance: If you enable Cover 
switch, why should this have to be activated at another place as well? That's 
blowing up KDE settings unnecessarily, I think. Although my problem is clearly 
solved, I guess the functionality should change.


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