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James Tyrer jrtyrer at
Tue Mar 9 08:29:42 GMT 2010

Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Monday, 2010-03-08, Felix Miata wrote:
>> On 2010/03/08 16:45 (GMT) Duncan composed:
>>> Felix Miata posted on Mon, 08 Mar 2010 09:36:47 -0500 as excerpted:
>>>> Kicker in openSUSE KControl offered tiny, small, normal, large & custom
>>>> for size (which means height, as there's separate control for its
>>>> width). In custom, height could be set by number of pixels or a slider.
>>>> I find nothing comparable in KDE 4.4. Is it possible? If so, how?
>>>> >From your description I'm unsure if you've not yet discovered how to
>>> resize the panels at all, or if you don't consider the current method
>>> satisfactorily precise.
>> I may have figured out how the devs expect it done, but DND is
>>  categorically imprecise.
> True, a movement based approach is often less precise but usually also easier 
> on perception [1].
Can you reliably move the mouse 1 pixel without resorting to the 
keyboard based mouse emulator.  IAC, I disagree with your viewpoint. 
This is a *digital* computer!  While analog emulation is OK, it should 
not be the only option offered.

> Panel sizes in pixels or percent mean very little without seeing them applied, 
> a direct manipulation lets one achieve a state of "looks right" [2] more 
> quickly.
However what is meaningful is to be able to set the Panel to the minimum 
size needed to display a given size icon -- the icons come in discrete 
sizes (16, 22 [should be 24 like GTK], 32, 48, etc.).  While after 48, 
using SVN to set any size is acceptable, in the smaller sizes the 
failure to use one of the prerenderered sizes makes the icons less 
distinct and harder to see.

>> What I want is to be able to have the same size on each login on each of my
>> many machines, each of which is multiboot to on average 8 distros running
>> KDE. The default height at high resolution is categorically about half a
>> usable height, and so needs changing for each new user/install. In KControl
>> this was easy enough to fix by selecting medium.
> Storage and retrieval of the values is a different issue than adjusting the 
> value manually.
> I am quite certain that the panel geometry is not stored as a series of mouse 
> movements but more likely as a discrete numerical value.
Yes, but editing the Plasma configuration files is not as simple as the 
ones for KDE-3.5.  There is no documentation that I have found on how to 
do it -- it was so simple on KDE-3.5 that dox weren't needed. 
Basically, I have tried editing the Plasma configuration files without 

> I would bet that storage and retrieval is done through KDE's configuration 
> framework, thus allowing to copy the value to configs of other users, to the 
> template for new users, to the global config, to a locked down profile, etc.
That might work if you want to copy the whole desktop.  But, the Panel 
does not have a separate configuration file.


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