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On 2010/03/08 20:45 (GMT+0100) Kevin Krammer composed:

> On Monday, 2010-03-08, Felix Miata wrote:

>> I may have figured out how the devs expect it done, but DND is
>>  categorically imprecise.

> True, a movement based approach is often less precise but usually also easier 
> on perception [1].

By no means was I implying that the current method should be replaced.

> Panel sizes in pixels or percent mean very little without seeing them applied, 
> a direct manipulation lets one achieve a state of "looks right" [2] more 
> quickly.

Of course, but then to repeat is another matter. I've always found "medium"
selected to work nicely in KDE3, and certainly easily repeatable, and would
expect KDE4 devs capable of something similar. Even if not, there's the KDE3
px selection method, and ...

>> What I want is to be able to have the same size on each login on each of my
>> many machines, each of which is multiboot to on average 8 distros running
>> KDE. The default height at high resolution is categorically about half a
>> usable height, and so needs changing for each new user/install. In KControl
>> this was easy enough to fix by selecting medium.

> Storage and retrieval of the values is a different issue than adjusting the 
> value manually.
> I am quite certain that the panel geometry is not stored as a series of mouse 
> movements but more likely as a discrete numerical value.

> I would bet that storage and retrieval is done through KDE's configuration 
> framework, thus allowing to copy the value to configs of other users, to the 
> template for new users, to the global config, to a locked down profile, etc.

... a two digit number to select in systemsettings would be quite easier to
remember than what file in what subdir to put same number manually.

>> Whoever decided to change the name of the main toolbar from Kicker to the
>> overly generic and unsearchable "panel" should be summarily shot.

> Kicker is the name of the application handling panels on a KDE 3 workspace, 


> most workspace providers just call it $desktop-panel.
> On a KDE 4 workspace the application handling panels is called plasma-desktop.

Generic, generic, generic. :-( There's now kcmshell4 - why not kicker4?

> I am not an English native speaker but panel seems to be the standard term for 
> these bar like container visualisations so it is probably easier 
> understandable to use that term instead of "Kicker".

Kicker is rather more unique than panel, which inherently results in narrow
results in searches. For those needing to search for material on the subject
of "panel", initial results are heavily diluted by electrical panels, solar
panels, wall panels, settings panels, investigation panels, access panels,
etc., while trying to narrow the search would nevertheless turn up
considerable other software objects that generically speaking employ various
types of panels.

>> 2-"Personal Settings", as a first level choice by whatever name, from the
>> main menu starter at screen extreme lower left

> Systemsettings could probably be added to the default favorites,

ISTR openSUSE already does, which is no help when a desired object of
configuration isn't in systemsettings.
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