little icons & task bars

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Thu Mar 4 03:38:17 GMT 2010

Hello KDE people

Running 4.4

I am sight impaired and as a result I have to search out the best fonts, 
sizes, contrasts, etc. Two of the things I have not been able to solve:

On the very top Kwin bar that describes the application you have open, the 
icons for closing,maximizing, and minimizing are really teeny and I cannot see 
them. They are probably imbedded because I can find no way to change their 
size. Any help here or guidance would be appreciated.

Second, the size of the scroll bar and the arrows in it. Can't find a way to 
change them either. Used to be able to do that in 3.5. As stated, any and all 
help would be appreciated.

Bob S
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