saving konqueror sessions

xPol xtekhne at
Wed Mar 3 07:27:39 GMT 2010

I find konqueror saving sessions facility really unsatisfying:
- Even after having regularly logged out, at my logging in, konqueor 
complains that the last session crashed, prompting for recovering
- Recovering sessions is never accomplished properly: 
 - sometimes the number of windows is doubled: two identical copies, 
showing the same list of tabs, are built (often the two copies are placed 
in two different desktops); 
 - sometimes some windows are missing, with no warning about what has 
 - a window is always placed in the last active desktop, as before 
logging off, rather than its proper place.

Can anybody confirm those misbehaviours?
How can i manually check and restore automatically saved sessions?

Thank you

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