starting kde in cygwin 1.7

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Fri Jun 18 15:38:06 BST 2010

On Thursday 17 June 2010 21:46:00 Refr Bruhl wrote:
> very simple...
> Its starting a new thread.

Not it is not.
> if the subject is changed and the content is deleted then why would it be
> hijacking a thread?

The Subject header is not used for threading[1], which allows that like to be 
altered as necessarily due to topic drift.  The To is also not used for 
threading as a thread can migrate from list to private email to another list 
if needed.

The headers used for threading are In-Reply-To and References.  Here are those 
headers from your hijack message:
In-Reply-To: <pan.2010. at>
References: <hvc76p$r8c$1 at> <pan.2010. at>

Both of these refer to the Message-ID header in other messages.  Like the ones 
previous in the thread:
Message-ID: <pan.2010. at>
Message-ID: <hvc76p$r8c$1 at>

> That is an issue for the list mods as its something in the listserv
> software.
> What I did is no differnt than opening up a new e-mail and entering the
> information.

It is, because of the headers your client properly adds to your message to 
indicate your intent based on your actions.

If you wan to start a new thread, you should use the "New Message" 
button/command, not the "Reply" button/command.  Otherwise, you will 
(inadvertently?) hi-jack a thread.

BTW, the list membership in general does not like TOFU 
<> replies.  The list membership 
generally prefers an Interleaved style 
<> with enough of 
the original message trimmed 
<> to only 
leave the required context for your reply 

[1] Some clients, including KMail, will fall back to using the Subject header 
when both the In-Reply-To and References headers are missing or the messages 
they reference cannot be found.
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