starting kde in cygwin 1.7

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Fri Jun 18 03:12:24 BST 2010

Refr Bruhl posted on Thu, 17 Jun 2010 09:22:01 -0700 as excerpted:

> Ok I give...
> Where is the startkde file for either copying to .xinitrc or starting
> kde desktop in cygwin 1.7 relaese?

OK, I give...

Why are you hijacking a thread about delaying kwin checking for special 
window settings?  Your post has nothing at all to do with that.  This is 
the second thread you've hijacked, replying to an existing thread and 
simply changing the subject, and in this case, it was my post you chose to 
reply to.  But your reply has nothing to do with my post!  Why are you 
then replying to me instead of starting a new thread?

(I'm not actually mad, just asking you to stop it as it's quite 
irritating, and copying your "OK, I give" was an interesting way to make 
the point.  See below for an explanation.)

On a decent threading client, changing the subject header does not change 
the thread, as such a client threads by the "In-reply-to:" header in mail, 
and using the references header in news.  Changing the subject does not 
change that header, so it's still a reply, no matter what the subject 
says.  To start a new thread, please use the new message function, not the 
reply function, in your client.

But to reply to your question, unfortunately, I don't think a lot of 
people do what you're doing with cygwin and kde (or cygwin and the ftp 
client, at least on this list, as that post was off topic for the list, as 
well).  If I had an answer, I'd give it to you, but I don't do 
proprietaryware (see the sig) including MS platforms, so cygwin isn't 
something I use.  Which is why I ignored the first post.  But this one was 
a reply to me, thus giving me a direct reason to reply back, asking you to 
stop the thread hijacks, even if I know nothing about the question you're 
asking and would otherwise avoid a thread on the subject -- but this 
thread wasn't /about/ cygwin, it was about kwin and special window 

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