Newbie total loss of KDE icons and...

Bernard T. Higonnet bthcom at
Tue Jun 15 10:18:34 BST 2010

On 06/15/10 10:11, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Tuesday, 2010-06-15, Bernard T. Higonnet wrote:
>> On 06/15/10 04:37, Budai wrote:
>>> Kevin Krammer wrote:
>>>> On Monday, 2010-06-14, Bernard T. Higonnet wrote:
>>>>> Hello
>>>>> FreeBSD 8.00-RELEASE-p3, KDE 4.4 (? not sure see below)
>>>>> KDE seems to be mostly working (more on that later) but afer working
>>>>> for a few days, all KDE's icons have disappeared. By that I mean all
>>>>> icons in the panel and all icons when I click on where the KDE-wheel
>>>>> 'is'. Sorthcuts previously put in the panel work when clicked but
>>>>> there is no visible icon...
>>>> That's probably a bug in plasma-desktop.
>>>> What you can try to do in such a situation is open a shell and type
>>>> kquitapp plama-desktop&&   plasma-desktop

After starting up but before doing anything I have this from ps:

higonnet    2086  1.4  2.4 253964 50288  ??  S    11:06AM   0:04.50 
kdeinit4: kdeinit4: plasma-desktop (kdeinit4)

Then trying the suggestion I get this:

/usr/local/kde4/bin/kquitapp plasma-desktop && plasma-desktop
<unknown program name>(2209)/: "Application plasma-desktop could not be 
found using service org.kde.plasma-desktop and path /MainApplication."

Just in case he needed to know where plasma-desktop is I also tried

/usr/local/kde4/bin/kquitapp /usr/local/kde4/bin/plasma-desktop && 

>> Can anyone tell me where KDE's icons reside, or perhaps the name of the
>> KDE wheel icon so I can see where it is?
> kde4-config --path icon

The directory indicated seems to exist at least...

Bernard Higonnet
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