Konqueror and Webforms

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Jun 9 21:37:09 BST 2010

J├╝rgen Hochwald posted on Tue, 08 Jun 2010 23:18:45 +0200 as excerpted:

> I've a problem when I'm filling out webforms. When I go throuth the
> fields, the content is not marked and when I enter the new value, the
> old text is not deleted. The new text is inserted before/after
> (depending on the webpage) the existing text.
> Each field now contans a x-button, but I'm heavy missing the feature,
> that the text is automatically selected and I can simply typing the new
> text (the old text ist deleted while it is marked). I've looked throuth
> the settings/config, but I can't find anything to change this behaviour.
> KDE/Konqueror is 4.35 (release 0),
> System is Suse 11.2

You mean 4.3.5?  (Pardon a bit of fun...  If my quick but unchecked 
calculations are correct, with minor releases every six months and current 
being 4.4(.4), 4.35 would be current ~16 years from last February, so 
February thru July of 2026  (assuming no schedule slippage in that time, 
so probably a bit later), with the distributions probably picking it up a 
bit late as usual, and running it into late 2026 or early 2027!  Of 
course, one would have thought we'd be on kde five or six by then and 
never reach 4.35, but obviously not, if you're running 4.35.  What's the 
world like in the future, and what's kde like by then, time-traveler?  =:^)

More seriously... I've been occasionally frustrated with that as well, tho 
I don't fill out enough web forms with pre-filled content to have noted 
whether it happens all the time or not.  I don't have a fix, but I can 
note that the select-all keyboard shortcut, defaulting to ctrl-a unless 
you've changed it, works, here.  While I don't mind moving my hand to the 
mouse as much as some do, a quick ctrl-a, del, or ctrl-a, <type>, works 
better for me than fiddling with hitting that x-button, which I tend to 
ignore anyway as I was working with computers before that became common, 
and it's /certainly/ easier than using the mouse to select-all, if it 
doesn't get pre-selected for me.

So not a fix, but perhaps a work-around, if you can re-train yourself to 
do a quick ctrl-a before typing in a box.

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