Konqueror and Webforms

Jürgen Hochwald jh at cfjh.de
Tue Jun 8 22:18:45 BST 2010

I've a problem when I'm filling out webforms. When I go throuth the fields, 
the content is not marked and when I enter the new value, the old text is not 
deleted. The new text is inserted before/after (depending on the webpage) the 
existing text.
Each field now contans a x-button, but I'm heavy missing the feature, that the 
text is automatically selected and I can simply typing the new text (the old 
text ist deleted while it is marked).
I've looked throuth the settings/config, but I can't find anything to change 
this behaviour.
KDE/Konqueror is 4.35 (release 0),
System is Suse 11.2

Is there a way to change this (expect changing the browser)?
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