Pam configuration for KDE 4.3

thierry.jeanmougin at thierry.jeanmougin at
Sun Jan 31 16:36:08 GMT 2010

Thanks for you answer
I can't login through KDM with whatever user (same output in 

But I can login in console mode and then startx as you suggest: it 
works, but once under KDE I cannot switch to another user (first user is 
locked, and cannot be unlocked: same problem)

Duncan a écrit :
> thierry.jeanmougin at posted on Sun, 31 Jan 2010 12:14:59 +0100
> as excerpted:
>> Hello
>> I have just build KDE 4.3, but I cannot connect through KDM. Extract
>> from /var/log/auth.log
>> Jan 31 11:38:25 localhost kcheckpass[1268]: Authentication failure for
>> kde-devel (invoked by uid 1009)
>> Jan 31 11:38:28 localhost unix_chkpwd[1272]: check pass; user unknown
>> Jan 31 11:38:28 localhost unix_chkpwd[1273]: check pass; user unknown
>> Jan 31 11:38:28 localhost unix_chkpwd[1273]: password check failed for
>> user (kde-devel)
>> Jan 31 11:38:28 localhost kcheckpass[1271]: pam_unix(kde:auth):
>> authentication failure; logname= uid=1009 euid=1009 tty=:0 ruser= rhost=
>>  user=kde-devel
>> It seems the problem comes from the PAM configuration, but I have not
>> found any hint concerning the PAM configuration for KDE.
> I'm no pam guru, but that seems plain enough.  It's looking for a user 
> named "kde-devel" and not finding one in the password database.  So were 
> you trying to login under that name?  Something was.
> Given that kdm is the KDE/X graphical login, I'd check its permissions.  
> What do you mean you can't connect thru it?  Does it start and won't let 
> you login as anything, or does it not even start?
> FWIW, I don't run any *DM here.  I login at the CLI, then run a script 
> that sets up a bit of stuff (KDEHOME and a couple other vars, so I don't 
> have to use the default ~/.kde, etc, running kbuildsycoca4 and setting the 
> XSESSION up to run startkde), then runs startx.  Most of the setup I do 
> isn't required, just stuff I do because my setup isn't quite default.  You 
> should therefore simply be able to point your XSESSION as appropriate and 
> run startx, bypassing KDM (and other *DM) entirely.  Does that work?

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