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Sat Jan 30 23:11:55 GMT 2010

Kevin Krammer posted on Sat, 30 Jan 2010 20:25:28 +0100 as excerpted:

> On Saturday, 2010-01-30, Dan Armbrust wrote:
>> I've having a problem with KDE 4.3.4 - having just upgraded to Kubuntu
>>  9.10.
>> When I click on the Application Launcher, (the old style one) which I
>> have in my main panel at the bottom of the screen, if I just do a
>> normal length click, the launcher appears for a moment, then vanishes.
>> If I do a 1/2 second long click on the Application Launcher button, the
>> launcher appears, disappears almost instantly, and then appears, and
>> works.... mostly correctly.  I say mostly, because the problems
>> continue if I try to right-click on any item in the menu, instead of
>> giving me the context menu, it launches the item.  Unless, I do a
>> right-click lasting at least a 1/2 second... then it works, and gives
>> me the context menu.
>> This didn't happen right after I did the upgrade... it happened
>> sometime later, after I had been setting up my desktop the way I like
>> it, etc.  So it seems to be a setting I changed... but I have no idea
>> what.
> I have the same version but using Debian/Unstable packages.
> Left clicking works as expected, right click also launches unless I do a
> right-hold which the opens the context menu.
> I don't think I've changed any mouse settings so I am puzzled that I am
> seeing one of the two issues but not the other.
> Anyone else getting either click (mis-)behavior?

I'm seeing slightly similar behavior, but not with the mouse, with the 
hotkey I have set to launch the apps-launcher menu.  That panel is small 
and auto-hide, and if I hit the key just once, the panel pops up for a 
fraction of a second, but the menu never appears.  If I press and hold, 
the key auto-repeat kicks in about the time the panel and menu appear.  I 
can then release the key, and the panel and menu remain visible.

What I think might be happening is that the event is being triggered on 
both key (for me, mouse-button for you) down and key-up, the two canceling 
each other out.  If I hold the key down long enough, however, it sees 
three or more events due to auto-repeat kicking in, and that holds it open.

That's at least what I was thinking before, when I thought it was just 
me.  That key is an "extra" key, xf86-something style (like xf86-standby, 
xf86-mute, xf86-media-play, etc, from one of the fancy extended 
keyboards), and I thought it strange that it auto-repeated anyway.  But 
somewhere, IDR where but it may have been in a config file (not a gui 
setting), maybe kde, maybe X, I remember seeing some way to set which keys 
were auto-repeat enabled and which not.  I've had it in my mind to check 
that "someday", but it was low enough priority, I've not gotten to it yet.

Now I see both of you guys mentioning similar behavior, but not with the 
trigger key, with the mouse, and slightly different for each of you and 
for me.  That's weird indeed, but it /has/ to be related, and it 
demonstrates that the picture is rather more complex than just the key-up 
and key-down both triggering and auto-repeat that I initially assumed.  
But I do believe I'm still correct, there's just a bit more to it than 
what I originally assumed, and there's at least one missing piece of the 
puzzle that I don't have yet.

I expect that when I sync (gentoo), I'll have kde 4.3.5 available to 
upgrade to, and 4.4.0-rc2 is I believe available but masked.  I've not 
decided which I'll try tho I'll probably do one or the other before 4.4.0 
release comes out, then upgrade to it.  With the other new info that it 
wasn't behaving that way for the OP originally, only after he started 
setting up his desktop, and with the slightly different behavior you guys 
are seeing, I'm wondering if it'll still be there with 4.3.5 and 4.4 (and 
if it was there earlier in the 4.x series, I really don't know when mine 
started).  Maybe we'll be lucky and the issue will go away with the 
upgrade. =:^)  If not, at least for one of the three of us, that and 
whether the behavior changes at all will be yet more pieces of the puzzle. 

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