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Fri Jan 29 13:27:02 GMT 2010

Am oder ungefähr am Freitag, 29. Januar 2010, schrieb Kevin Krammer:
> On Friday, 2010-01-29, Edgar Kalkowski wrote:
> The first and most important threading information are message headers for 
> that very purpose.
> For example if you look at this mail's "source" (e.g. by pressing the V key), 
> you'll find two such headers: references and in-reply-to, containing the 
> message ID of your mail.
> KMail can therefore easily figure out that this is a reply to you mail, 
> independent of whether I change the subject or not.
> However, some email clients don't do this properly, e.g. file to set the 
> headers correctly or not at all.
> In such situations KMail will try to work around the other client's brokeness 
> by guessing threading through hints like subject and known subject prefixes 
> like "Re:"

That is interesting and I think that’s also causing my problem.

> Since guessing is never the same as knowing, there can be situations where 
> KMail guess is wrong.
> It might be possible to fine tune this behavior somewhat, e.g. which prefixes 
> are understood when parsing subjects.

Are these prefixes the same you can enter in the Mail-Editor settings dialog?

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