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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Mon Jan 25 22:31:34 GMT 2010

2010/1/18 Torsten Frey <torsten at>:
> Am Montag, 18. Januar 2010 09:18:57 schrieb Dotan Cohen:
>> Thanks, I think that I got it now. Googling didn't help, and although
>> I had I taken the time to click on the titlebar and play around it was
>> too deeply buried for me to find it once I realized that I was in the
>> familiar Systems Settings dialogue.
>> In my opinion, if someone is clicking on the the titlebar's "Configure
>> Window Behaviour" he should only be shown the Window Specific pane.
>> Thoughts? Should I file a feature request on this? I don't think that
>> it is reasonable that the first thing he sees is the irrelevant
>> Desktop Effects pane.
> yes it was funny. I complained about so many options and on user base
> everything is so easy "with appropriate entries already made".
> I think to press the button "Detect window properties" which leads you to
> appropriate entries is the bridge to reality.
> Yes, I think only to see the window specific pane is what I would expect, as
> it is not clear at first glance, that all other options affect all windows.
> But - I used this feature not often. So feature request: yes - but with low
> priority (IMHO / works for me).
> Regards, Torsten

Please comment here:
"Configure only Windows-Specific settings from the titlebar"

Dotan Cohen
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