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Mon Jan 18 00:02:55 GMT 2010

Hi Bram :)

On Sun, 17 Jan 2010 11:07:31 +0100, "Bram Schoenmakers" <bramschoenmakers at> said:
> 2010/1/17 giovanni_re <john_re at>:
> > Thanks for your interest in the well being of the KDE project, Dotan.  :)
> >
> > Summary, Dotan:  I sense the presence of some _deep_ cover operatives here, people who are not who they seem to be.  People who, actually, rather than working to straight out _kill_, are working on something more diabolical: working to turn (among many, but certainly in this case) the KDE project into _always_ something just shy of success.  Not exactly the living dead, but, just so tinily more than that that it will _absolutely not _ever__ be competitive with, in the mind of the general public, Microsoft Windows.
> Can't you just write a blog or something to state your conspiracy
> theories about KDE and the New World Order?
> Kind regards,
> -- 
> Bram Schoenmakers

I mainly spend my "free sw time" working to improve communications for the free sw community, because that helps information move, & helps increase progress.

If learning, communicating & doing are what you appreciate (Bram, or you, reader) i invite you to come by some of the global via voice free sw hw culture meetings, BerkeleyTIP, discuss things, & help make some progress.  TIP = Talks, Installfest, & Project / Programming Party.

Next meetings: Jan 26, Feb 6

There we could work to help the KDE project figure out how to best progress, & work on making that progress happen.

Or, use the voip technology & create a meeting for whatever f sw hw c group you want to assist making progress (Like KDE, for instance).
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