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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sun Jan 17 11:10:50 GMT 2010

> Thanks for your interest in the well being of the KDE project, Dotan.  :)

Thanks for not taking my words harshly! :)

> Summary, Dotan:  I sense the presence of some _deep_ cover operatives here, people who are not who they seem to be.  People who, actually, rather than working to straight out _kill_, are working on something more diabolical: working to turn (among many, but certainly in this case) the KDE project into _always_ something just shy of success.  Not exactly the living dead, but, just so tinily more than that that it will _absolutely not _ever__ be competitive with, in the mind of the general public, Microsoft Windows.

It's funny you say that, as many of the decisions taken from within
KDE itself, by some prominent people, have made me feel the same for
some time. However, as one of the otherwise greatest assholes who ever
lived once stated: Do not blame malicious intent when ignorance would
suitably explain (more or less). Most KDE devs are programmers, not
artists/marketing/usability experts. So while the code is good, they
fail to meet the broad goals that would help make the software great.

The great thing about Open Sores is that we can publicly track our
failures. I suggest that you post _concise_ details (no more than a
single paragraph) explaining your stance, and link to relevant bugs
and archives. The long mails that you send are difficult to follow,
and any signal is lost in the noise. It is hard for me to even tell
what is your words and what is a quote.

Dotan Cohen
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