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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Fri Jan 15 09:55:43 GMT 2010

Thomas Olsen posted on Fri, 15 Jan 2010 08:44:01 +0100 as excerpted:

> On Friday 15 January 2010 04:59:28 giovanni_re wrote:
>> Hi KDE readers.  :)
>> Your thoughts???
> I think that maybe the moderators are a bit too restrictive and that you
> are being a bit too paranoid.


I appreciate the BerkeleyTIP announcements tho I've never availed myself 
of them (but I'm only recently new to the kde lists themselves, expanding 
to there from my distribution of choice, gentoo's lists), and would hate 
to see them disappear from here.  However, I can see how someone might 
consider the announcements advertising of a sort and thus not 
particularly appropriate, especially when the focus isn't directly on 
target, as is the case here.  So I can see their point, and would accept 
it at face value -- they judged it not appropriate, and leave it at 
that.  No need to get offended or try to read into it other motives, when 
that suffices.  Just accept it and move on.

Maybe next year... some months in advance (but not right now, the 
accusation here is a bit fresh for that), mail a kubuntu dev or if you 
think you know him well enough, Mark himself, and ask if they think it's 
appropriate.  At some point, if you're regular enough every year and it 
becomes an accepted part of the event, you may well get a yes.

But until then, don't let it bug you, just take it as it is and make the 
announcements where you can.

Alternatively, and with limited time, maybe you can't do this but maybe 
someone else involved with both Kubuntu and BerkeleyTIP can, another way 
to do it would be to simply put your BTIP messages in your sig, while 
participating normally in the list/newsgroup.  I once saw that work 
wonders for the guy setting up the DSLReports/BroadbandReports site, as I 
was at the time active in comp.dcom.xdsl.  Very quickly he had nearly all 
the group regulars referring people to his site, as it was integrated 
into the community as an insider, rather than being fought off as a 
spammer.  The same, more or less, has happened with the guy running 
kdelook, etc.  He got a lot farther doing that than he would have simply 
spamming the lists!

I know you don't like to think of the BerkeleyTIP announcements as spam, 
but certainly, you must admit, it's possible some people will view them 
that way.  And, the fact is, if 50 other local groups got the same idea, 
pretty quickly, the policy of allowing all those announcements would 
indeed have to change.  I think you as a reasonable person must realize 
that.  So there you are.  That I think is all this is -- someone reacting 
to a message that may indeed be useful and appreciated by some, but 
which, if too many people did it, would quickly become spam.  So they say 
no.  That's reason enough right there; no reason to read into it some 
nefarious plan of some sort to undermine kde. =:^)

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