~/kde4/plasma_applet_systemtray.so - I think so.

Bernd Adda b.adda at gmx.net
Wed Jan 13 14:39:04 GMT 2010

Arjen-Wander Hiemstra schrieb:
>>> Today I found the arrow of the left side from system tray, if any
>>> icon is hidden. But system tray has only windows for
>>> infos and for auto blind out. But hidden icons - here KInternet and
>>> KIsdnWatch, both from kde 3 - don't remain  in system tray
>>> after a newstart from the PC.
>>> My question is, how or where can I
>>> make settings, that the icons remain in system tray.
>>  Is there anyone who can help me?
>> Bernd
> You probably want to change the "Autostart" settings. They can be
> found by opening System Settings, switching to the advanced tab and
> opening hte Autostart entry. There you can edit, add and remove the
> autostart programs. I think you simply need to add "KInternet" and
> "KIsdnWatch" as entries there and they should start on startup.

That is it. Thank you very mutch. I saw it, but without brain,
sleeping. brrr.

Best Regards at all
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