~/kde4/plasma_applet_systemtray.so - I think so.

Arjen-Wander Hiemstra djfreestyler at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 12:22:42 GMT 2010

>> Today I found the arrow of the left side from system tray, if any
>> icon is hidden. But system tray has only windows for
>> infos and for auto blind out. But hidden icons - here KInternet and
>> KIsdnWatch, both from kde 3 - don't remain  in system tray
>> after a newstart from the PC.
>> My question is, how or where can I
>> make settings, that the icons remain in system tray.
>  Is there anyone who can help me?
> Bernd

You probably want to change the "Autostart" settings. They can be
found by opening System Settings, switching to the advanced tab and
opening hte Autostart entry. There you can edit, add and remove the
autostart programs. I think you simply need to add "KInternet" and
"KIsdnWatch" as entries there and they should start on startup.
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