~/kde4/plasma_applet_systemtray.so - I think so.

Bernd Adda b.adda at gmx.net
Tue Jan 12 15:31:16 GMT 2010

Duncan schrieb:
> Bernd Adda posted on Tue, 12 Jan 2010 10:34:33 +0100 as 
> excerpted:
>> Bernd Adda schrieb:
>>> ~/kde4/plasma_applet_systemtray.so - I think so. In the 
>>> system-stage of the panel (controlstrip) you can show Icons 
>>> for programs, who are running. Some times ago I could set, 
>>> that programs, who are shown once, were shown so long till I 
>>> kill them in the systemtray, also after a newstart. Where
>>> can I do this today? Hoping, you could understand me with
>>> Kind Regards Bernd
>> sorry, I forgot, I use kde 4.3.1 /4.3.4 on opensuse-11.2 
>> (32bit)
> Hi.  I'm not sure if you are referring to the taskbar or the 
> system tray.
 I am refering to the system tray
> If you're referring to the systray, you''d be wanting to be able 
> to set arbitrary windows to show in the systray, instead of the 
> ordinary task manager.
> There's a systray settings dialog too, allowing you to auto-hide 
> icons if desired, and set the popup notifications properties
> too. It used to be possible to set apps to minimize to the tray 
> instead of the taskbar, but I don't see that option any more.

 Once in Kde (3) System tray had 2 dialog windows, one for visible
icons and one for hidden icons.  I could change them.
As soon as there are hidden icons, it gives a arrow on the left side
from the system tray and I could activate or hidden the icons.
But all hidden icons remain in system tray, no matter if the program
for the icons is active or not. So too for tim after a new start of
the PC.
Today I found the arrow of the lest side from system tray, if any
icon is hidden. But system tray has only windows for
infos and for auto blind out. But hidden icons - here KInternet and
KIsdnWatch, both from kde 3 - don't remain  insystem tray
after a newstart from the PC. My question is, how or where can I
make settings, that the icons remain in system tray.

sorry for my english
Its sixty years ago, I learned it at school
without using it occupational


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