Followup questions (was Re: Setting Panel to Hide Automatically in fractions of a second (kde 3.5.10, Debian 5.0))

Randy Kramer rhkramer at
Fri Feb 26 11:13:46 GMT 2010

On Thursday 25 February 2010 03:49:13 pm Jozef Šiška wrote:
> > On Thursday 25 February 2010 01:14:58 pm Duncan wrote:
> >> Randy Kramer posted on Thu, 25 Feb 2010 10:22:41 -0500 as 
> >> > I'd like to find a way to set the Panel to Hide
> >> > Automatically in fractions of a second--
> > Unfortunately, it seems to be settable only in increments of 1
> > second--I tried setting it to 0.1 and to 1/10, and neither of those
> > worked (and, somehow, both of those were interpreted as a setting
> > of 3 seconds--or maybe that's a default).
> >
> > Now I'm googling for AutoHideDelay to find out if there is some way
> > to set it in increments of less than 1 second (that is, short of
> > modifying the code and recompiling).
> I'm affraid not, looking at the code, the AutoHideDelay property is
> defined as Int with the default "3" [1].
> And btw, it seems that 0 also isn't really 0 [2]:
>         if (m_settings.autoHideDelay() == 0)
>         {
>             _autohideTimer->start(250);
>         }
>         else
>         {
>             _autohideTimer->start(m_settings.autoHideDelay() * 1000);
>         }
> I looked at the 3.5.9 tag in svn... don't know what the latest
> release of kde3 was...

Hmm, in the good (or bad) ol' days, people sometimes patched 
executables.  Recompiling kde seems like such a monumental task to me 
(with lots to learn, and lots to go wrong), I wonder if I'd have any 
more chance of finding where the start(250) is in the executable and 
changing that?

Anybody have any suggestions on easy ways to find that part of the 
executable?  (I guess that would be kicker, and one of the easiest ways 
to find the "250" would be to recompile the executable one or a few 
times changing only that value--I guess that's a classic catch 22 ;-)

Just another dumb observation.  It sure doesn't feel like there's a 250 
msec delay in the code when it's set to immediately.  I (idly?) wonder 
a few things:

   * Might the Debian maintainer have changed that value?

   * Or maybe there's a mouse gesture (I don't intentionally use mouse 
gestures, not even sure they're enabled on my system) that I'm 
accidentally "invoking" by my small "accidental" mouse movements as I 
try to click on my desired target.  Maybe I'll have to dig into mouse 
gestures a little, maybe even make sure they're disabled, since I don't 
intentionally use them for anything...

Ahh--in kcontrol, under Regional and Acessibility -> Input 
Actions, "Disable mouse gestures globally" is checked, so I think this 
rules out a problem caused by a(n accidental) mouse gesture...

Thanks (for listening, and for any help you can offer)!
Randy Kramer

> [1]
>sionSettings.kcfg?view=markup [2]
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