Setting Panel to Hide Automatically in fractions of a second (kde 3.5.10, Debian 5.0)

Randy Kramer rhkramer at
Thu Feb 25 15:22:41 GMT 2010

If this is not an appropriate mail list for this question, maybe someone 
can direct me to a more appropriate mail list.

The short request: I'd like to find a way to set the Panel to Hide 
Automatically in fractions of a second--the GUI setting under kcontrol 
only allows increments of one second.  I'm assuming that there is a 
configuration file and setting that I can use to set the delay in 
fractions of a second.

Background: I'm trying to better train my mouse hand ;-), but the 
choices of "Immediately" and 1 second don't work for me--1 second is 
too long to wait, and if I have it set for Immediately, it seems that 
the slight mouse movements I (accidentally) make when trying to pick 
out the right icon to click on (e.g., to select a desktop) let the 
Panel disappear before I've selected what I want.

I'd like to experiment with settings around 1 tenth of a second (i.e., 
100 milliseconds or so).

I've tried googling and doing an ack-grep for things like panel, 
autohiding, etc. in my ~/.kde directory--I need a hint (or more).

Randy Kramer
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