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Thu Feb 25 08:08:02 GMT 2010

Michael Neumeier posted on Thu, 25 Feb 2010 08:25:54 +0100 as excerpted:

>> It sounds as though you have locked widgets.  If that's so, right-click
>> on the desktop and choose Unlock Widgets should cure it.
> Sorry, but I hadn´t had access to the netbook some days.
> And yes: This is exactly the option I´m looking for, but right click on
> the desktop does not show up any context menu. Can it be that this is
> something special of the netbook remix of Kubuntu?

I'm a gentoo user not *buntu, so don't know anything about what kde 
versions they're running or how many additional features they have, but I 
think new to kde 4.4 and may have come from a kubuntu patch, there's a a 
whole set of actions you can match to various input triggers on the 
desktop.  It may be that you don't have a context menu due to that.  Also, 
the newspaper and search & launch plasma activity layouts new to 4.4, 
which were designed for netbooks so are likely to be what you have there 
by default, may work a bit differently context-menu-wise.  I've not played 
with them enough to be that familiar with them, as I've been working on my 
main machine most of the time recently and haven't had time to try much on 
the netbook, and I did try them for a bit on the main machine, but I 
definitely prefer the standard plasma-desktop layout there, tho I can 
certainly see how they'd be useful on the netbook, I've just not gotten 
around to trying them yet, there.

Anyway, if you don't have a desktop context menu, try clicking on the 
"cashew" aka "toolbox" icon, in the corner by default.  You should be able 
to unlock from there.  And while you're at it, the desktop activity 
settings option there should popup a dialog that (with 4.4 anyway) has 
three sections.  The third is mouse actions.  You can map the various 
click/scroll/key-modifier-click triggers to various actions there.  The 
"standard menu" action is the normal context menu, that would normally be 
assigned to the right mouse button.  But again, I'm not positive it works 
exactly the same with the search & launch and newspaper layouts, and of 
course, your distribution may well have patched in something else.

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