Questions about the KDE desktop search?

Tassilo Horn tassilo at
Tue Feb 23 09:21:46 GMT 2010

Hi all,

I have strigi, nepomuk and friends up and running.  But how do I use 
this whole machinery?

When I type a search term in krunner I get some search results, but they 
are far from complete.  The include/excludes in the strigi config look 
correct, though.

So is there some tool which lets me find out why a given document is not 
in the search result?

And is it possible to index emails when using plain IMAP (not dimap)?  I 
guess it should be possible to index a mail while a user reads it, and 
later it can be referenced by its Message-id.

And my last question: is it normal that during indexing the virtouso-t 
process uses that much CPU resources?  It is constantly at about 60% 

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