KDE4.4 breaks pulseaudio sound

paulo paulo.jnkml at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 06:42:04 GMT 2010


>> I presume that you have fully updated?  
>> What is the backend setting in SystemSettings > Multimedia?
Phonon xine backend.

> Does PulseAudio show up in your "Backend" list?  

> All that I have ever had there is: "Xine" & "Gstreamer".  PulseAudio was in the other list:
> "Device Preference" but it has now gone missing -- ESD isn't there either.
It here but it doesn't work.

> Do you know what changes were made from KDE-4.3 to KDE-4.4? or how
> KDE-4.4 finds these options?

Well I don't know that.
I just recreated a clean homedir, no effect.
Now at least I can test the device HDA-Intel... and it works.

The old problem with using this setting in the device pref, is that once 
phonon locked the device, non-kde apps could not play any sound. 
Firefox, flash, mplayer etc...
That meas that I had to close amarok to play videos on youtube.
This one is old and everyone know about it.
That's way there was a attempt to use pulseaudio in the first place.
To be able to do a softlock on the device, where pulseaudio would be the 
only one with a hardlock on the hardware, through alsa.

I deleted my ~/.asoundrc, now luck there.
I'm folowing the http://pulseaudio.org/wiki/PerfectSetup to see if I get 
this thing working, but upon setting:
pcm.!default pcm.pulse
ctl.!default ctl.pulse
mplayer outputs no sound, and kde (apparently) needs a restart for them 
changes to take effect, which makes it hard to test.

Arrg ble gruuug XXXX ....

Now I'm compiling phonon without pulseaudio support to see what happens.

I'll be in touch
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