Getting privately compiled KDE modules working in full KDE session

Chris Jones jonesc at
Wed Feb 17 14:20:24 GMT 2010


> You didn't mention your .bashrc (or whatever, if you're running a shell 
> other than bash).  .profile and etc run when you're starting a login 
> session. .bashrc and etc run otherwise.  That it runs when you ssh in sort 
> of confirms that, as that'd be a login, thus running the login scripts.  
> See the bash info pages or manpage for more on that.  But I'm not sure 
> that'd do it (unless you started it from a konsole window.)

I use zsh and I have the same lines in my ~/.zshrc

>> Has anyone done anything similar, and has advice on how to get the
>> private KDEDIRS working in a full X session ? I'm probably jsut not
>> setting the environment variables in the right file, or in the right way
>> ...
> You don't mention whether you're logging in at the text terminal and 
> running startx, or whether you're running a *DM (KDM, GDM, XDM, etc) 
> graphical login.  Years ago back on Mandrake, I had problems with the *DM 
> at some point, and switched entirely to the text shell login and startx 
> method.  I've used it since.

I'm using the GDM graphical login. I could try startx I suppose, just to 
see what happens, but I don't see it as a long term solution. I would 
prefer for the standard graphical login to work.

> But as I gave up on *DMs many years ago, I don't have the foggiest how 
> that sort of stuff is handled with them, except that I'm sure there must 
> be arrangements for doing it; I just don't know what they are.  If I were 
> to set a *DM up, I'd certainly be checking the documentation to see how 
> all that worked, and setting up my config files accordingly.

Good point. I'll see if I can dig up anything on how to control 
envorinment variables with GDM.

cheers Chris

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