Getting privately compiled KDE modules working in full KDE session

Chris Jones jonesc at
Wed Feb 17 13:32:20 GMT 2010


I've running KDE 3.5.4 on SLC5. I have privately built kdesvn and 
installed it in a custom location (/usera/jonesc/usr/local).

I've tried defining

export KDEDIRS="/usr:/usera/jonesc/usr/local"
export PATH="/usera/jonesc/usr/local/bin:"$PATH
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usera/jonesc/usr/local/lib64"

and if I ssh into the machine in question and start konqueror, then I 
can see the kdesvn view plugin is available.

However, if I start a full KDE X session on the machine, then my private 
kdesvn plugin is not available. I've added the above export lines to all 
.XYZ files I can think might effect the login environment, but none have 
helped (.profile, .login, .xsession etc. etc.)

Has anyone done anything similar, and has advice on how to get the 
private KDEDIRS working in a full X session ? I'm probably jsut not 
setting the environment variables in the right file, or in the right way ...

many thanks

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