[kde] Phonon-4.4; KDESupport-4.4

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 15 23:12:18 GMT 2010

Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Sunday, 2010-02-14, James Tyrer wrote:
>> You now get Phonon-4.4 when you checkout: "/tags/kdesupport-for-4.4".
>> Although I should note that it appears that it is only the first Beta,
>> since someone was concerned about having a stable version.  This doesn't
>> seem exactly the best that the new release of KDE-4.4.0 should be
>> dependent on a Phonon Beta, but that is the way it is.  I hope that it
>> will be updated in SVN although it is a TAG when it should be a BRANCH.
> KDE is branched before release (I think at RC1).
> kdesupport is like an external repository, each maintainer can tag and branch 
> their software as they seem fit, e.g. see Akonadi.

Another thing which has contributed to the problems is that: 
KDESupport-for-4.4 was not staged when KDE-4.4 BRANCH was tagged.  If 
this had been done, the problems would have been found before KDE-4.4.0 
was released.

> During development KDE sometimes depends on unreleased features of such 
> software, but each release depends on released versions.
> The tag "kdesupport-for-x.y" is basically a convenience handle for each such 
> release, however some of the external software maintainers might not have 
> adjusted the tag for their respective release yet after somebody created the 
> tag based on best-guess.
In this case, it was, unfortunately, more than a convenience since there 
was not tag for Phonon-4.3.80 (or any Phonon-4.4 release) hence the 
error.  The version number (for Phonon in KDESupport-4.4) in the 
CMakeLists.txt file is 4.3.80 which, IIUC, means 4.4Beta1.  I do not see 
this as a major problem, just not the best practice to have a release be 
dependent on the Beta of a library.

SVN now has a Phonon-4.3.80 TAG. :-)  But, that is the latest release 
and there is still no Phonon-4.4 BRANCH.

I also note that although: KDESupport-for-4.4 is a TAG that packages in 
it are being updated as they were in: KDE-Support-for-4.3.  This is also 
a great convenience, however should it really be a TAG? as opposed to a 

>> I don't think that this needed information is being deliberately kept
>> secret, but the result is the same.  What is the point of releasing
>> tarballs of the code if it isn't possible for users to build them.
> Just ot be sure: did you check that you have the correct tarballs of the 
> software hosted in kdesupport, e.g.  akonadi-1.3.1.tar.bz2 for the latest 
> Akonadi release?
Actually, I am using SVN for KDESupport-4.4.  Yes, the version in the: 
CMakeLists.txt file for Akondi is 1.3.1.

James Tyrer

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