Shared Desktop Ontologies-0.3; KDESupport-4.4

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Mon Feb 15 03:50:32 GMT 2010

James Tyrer posted on Sun, 14 Feb 2010 14:59:11 -0700 as excerpted:

> Next problem.  I guess that KDESupport-for-4.4 in SVN is still basically
> BROKEN since my build tree for KDE-4.4 failed with KDEGraphics.
> The problem appears to be that "Shared Desktop Ontologies-0.3", with is
> part of KDESupport in TRUNK was not included in the new TAG.
> Would somebody please fix this!
> So, I am still recommending that users building from source continue to
> use TRUNK:

FWIW, gentoo (which of course is from-source by individual users, just 
using scripts that manage dependencies and etc) uses shared-desktop-
ontologies-0.2 for kde-4.4.0, here.

So 0.2 appears to be fine for kde-4.4.

AFAIK/IIRC, shared-desktop-ontologies was a new package install here, for 
4.4.  It wasn't required for at least the portions of kde I have 
installed, for 4.3 and earlier, in any version.  Perhaps that's because I 
didn't have the semantic desktop stuff installed earlier, but kmail/
kaddressbook required it for 4.4... if it's a part of that.

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