4.4 is nice

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 10 05:38:21 GMT 2010

Duncan wrote:
> 4.4 is nice so far.  I wasn't running mysql or akonadi-server (needed for 
> the build, but null-configured with no database) on 4.3 as I didn't need 
> them, but they were a smooth build for 4.4.
> And the seriously bugged RandR based display config they finally got 
> right! =:^) =:^)  I've been waiting a /long/ time for /that/ one!
> I've not had a chance to do a whole lot, but so far, it seems perhaps 
> slightly snappier, etc.  I must say... very good!  From the looks so far, 
> this definitely rates as at least RC quality, and there's a good chance 
> I'll finally agree with kde that it's normal release quality (something 
> they've been claiming, like some sort of sick joke, since 4.2).  I'll have 
> to run it a few days and see, tho.
I have built the SVN 4.4 BRANCH from source, but I haven't done much
more than start it since I have been having problems getting enough
information to update my build tutorial:


I also found enough information here and there to start a tutorial on
how to configure D-Bus:


I didn't understand the lack of information on building KDE, but then I
found a very (something) FAQ:


This is not a good situation.  It shouldn't be necessary to determine
things by trial and error.

IAC, I will have to look at KDE-4.4.  I will judge it by whether or not
there are still a lot of little things which are, missing, not quite
correct, or broken.  I am not really interested in the new geeeee whiz
features that they have probably added.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch
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