KMail problems

Frank Weng (a.k.a. Franklin) franklin at
Mon Feb 8 23:18:28 GMT 2010

Hi all,

Actually I have been had these problems from KDE 4.1.  I'd like to know if 
anyone had the same experiences.

1. When logging into KDE, the kde-wallet would launch a dialog asking my 
question to open a wallet.  At the same time, many other KDE/non-KDE 
applications are launching too.  If I input my password BEFORE KMail launch, 
then KMail will NEVER launch automatically.  I need to launch it myself.  If I 
WAIT there, KMail will launch automatically, and then I input my password and 
everything goes normally.

I can reproduce it on the PCs in my office and my home.  Do you guys have the 
same problem?  Or did anyone discuss it before?  I did some simple search in 
kde-user but didn't find anything.

2. Recently, maybe just one or two days ago, when KMail started, it would do a 
lot of hard drive I/Os.  The whole system was slowed down.  I used top to see 
which process was doing hard drive I/O, and no doubt it was KMail.  KMail took 
nearly 50% of CPU time.  Its process status was mostly D.  My hard drive 
access LED flashed very frequently.  After about seven or eight minutes (or 
longer), it then stopped, and everything is okay.

Does anyone know what KMail is doing when it starts?  I tried to stop 
receiving mail but hard drive accesses were still going.

Thanks for any information and hint!

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